haha lol theres a new trend going on where guys take pics of their balls instead of their dick. bruh ya gotta take a pic of the WHOLE thing why u gotta downsize yourself dude

How would you go about asking a pretty blond out?

Lmao well first ya gotta charm her ass then do a double back flip to really impress her then give her a flashing smile ;)

♂ Why would you raise such a meme?

"You know, I let Roméo do what he wanted as a kid because he showed me that he could be responsible with his studies and fulfill the Beaumont legacy of being a business man. He’s alright with it, a lot tamer than his obsessions with his strange ponies years ago. I let him do his own interests because it made him happy.

Memes made him happy.”


Val’s dad and his dad need to interact bc WOW SAME FORMAL LANGUAGE

( can you imagine two dads who don’t gaf about their kids interacting

can you )

Asshole dads talking about their asshole sons. He’s at a cafe reading a book after work and there is Landon’s dad, also getting coffee . They strike up a conversation. Somehow ends up talking about sons without mentioning names))

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A single Cherubi comes waddling up to Romeo.

Then Roméo called Vallois to see if he could take the leaves off and smoke that.

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